Are you a good digital neighbor?

Let’s imagine you are taking a walk around your neighborhood and along the way you stop to chat with three different neighbors: Joe, Jane & Jim. Joe didn’t say much of anything; leaving the talking up to you. Conversely, Jane did ALL the talking— mostly about things in which you have little interest. Jim asked you questions, engaged you and shared stories about mutual friends and funny family situations.

Which conversation did you enjoy the most? Which person are you likely to introduce to the new neighbor who moved in across the street? Most likely, the answer is Jim— your friendly, personable neighbor. (more…)

What’s in store for marketing in 2016?

Organizations are once again confident in the general direction of their marketing this year. In a newly-released survey* 56% of respondents expect to increase their marketing budgets.

Six in 10 respondents reported planning to increase their email marketing spending this year, the broadest consensus of the all the channels measured. Closely following were social media (56.3% increasing spend) and display advertising (55.9%), with mobile marketing spend also expected to climb for a slight majority (51.9%) of respondents. (more…)