10 Cheap-to-Free Marketing Ideas

Running a small business, limited budgets can often put a damper on marketing efforts. Assumptions of high costs and low ROI can make it easy to let your marketing effort take a bake seat to seemingly more pressing day to day business operations. But before you toss your marketing plan by the wayside you should know that there are effective ways out there to market yourself without spending loads money. In fact, there are ways of marketing yourself without spending any money! Got your attention? Good. Here’s 10 of our top free marketing ideas: (more…)

Are you a good digital neighbor?

Let’s imagine you are taking a walk around your neighborhood and along the way you stop to chat with three different neighbors: Joe, Jane & Jim. Joe didn’t say much of anything; leaving the talking up to you. Conversely, Jane did ALL the talking— mostly about things in which you have little interest. Jim asked you questions, engaged you and shared stories about mutual friends and funny family situations.

Which conversation did you enjoy the most? Which person are you likely to introduce to the new neighbor who moved in across the street? Most likely, the answer is Jim— your friendly, personable neighbor. (more…)

What’s in store for marketing in 2016?

Organizations are once again confident in the general direction of their marketing this year. In a newly-released survey* 56% of respondents expect to increase their marketing budgets.

Six in 10 respondents reported planning to increase their email marketing spending this year, the broadest consensus of the all the channels measured. Closely following were social media (56.3% increasing spend) and display advertising (55.9%), with mobile marketing spend also expected to climb for a slight majority (51.9%) of respondents. (more…)

What is in a name?

While Shakespearean roses may smell as sweet, your name, or more specifically your domain name, may be affecting your business. While it may seem innocuous, your domain name affects your online marketing success in almost every area, from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media marketing (SMM). With the ever-changing digital landscape, domain names with elements that were once thought as valuable may not be so today. (more…)

How does your website hold up after “mobilegeddon”?

As you may already know, back on April 21st, Google updated its search algorithm giving greater weight to mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. How did it affect businesses?

According To TechCrunch, over 40% of Fortune 500 Companies failed to meet Google’s standards for user experience on a smartphone or tablet. This number does not even take into account small to midsize businesses that may lack the resources of a larger organization. (more…)